After order confirmation, you will received eSIM details via email/phone.

Most eSIMs will only activate at the destination once they connect to a supported network.
However, there are eSIMs that, independent of location, activate immediately after installation.

By product and operator, it differs. Many eSIM activated after you scan the QR code and download the eSIM to your phone.

Most of the Bestroam eSIM only have data. But from few eSIM you can make and receive Phone calls and SMS. 
Kindly check the product’s details if you’re interested.

Yes! In general, all eSIMs enable hotspot capability. However, there may be some rare cases the local network and the type of your device can effect the stability of the hotspot.

None of the plans can be paused after they have been activated.

You can buy more data if you run out of data or if your plan expires before your journey is over.

No, it will automatically end the subscription whenever you hit your data limit without going over.

It does not reset your plan to delete the eSIM and reinstall it, thus we advise against doing so until your plan has ended or you’re asking for a refund.

To delete an eSIM:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Cellular/Mobile
  3. Tap on your eSIM
  4. Select Remove Mobile Data Plan

Our eSIM plans feature a variety of expiry times, including 7, 30, and 60 days. Please pick the plan that best meets your needs. Before your current eSIM expires or runs out of data, you can add more data to it to avoid having to install a new eSIM.

Up to 10 eSIM profiles can now be downloaded and stored on an iOS device, but only one of them can be used at once. Under iOS Settings > Cellular, you can change which eSIM profile is in use.

Carefully go over the setup instructions sent by the email.

If still facing problem, contact us.

Bestroam is following the operator policies when it comes to cancellations or refunds.

If you would like a refund, please contact customer support.

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